Gentle and Respectful Infant Sleep Skills

Maintain and strengthen Your Bond

Sleep Training Questions

After years of serving families as a birth and postpartum doula, I have witnessed the struggle with infant sleep.  With all the varied situations and configurations of family I have learned one thing – the effort doesn’t have to be a struggle.  I hear so many questions about this topic and these are the top ones I hear from parents.

• How early should I start?
• How will it affect their development?
• How can I sleep train and nurse? Will it disrupt lactation?
• Do I have to night wean?
• Is this a biological approach?
• Will this involve “crying it out”?

My Approach

Crying is the number one concern of parents when making any change in sleep.  My method is not a “cry it out” solution. Instead, since crying is inevitable during the transition to better sleep, I teach parents how to calm the cry.  My method assures that you and your child maintain and strengthen your bond. The child becomes an active participant in their own solutions and the parent can respond lovingly and consistently as they support their child toward new habits.

Together we will come up with a developmentally sound plan for you and your baby.  Plans can include room for attachment based, lactation friendly, shared sleeping space, and any others you want to explore, that will respect both your babies needs and yours. You don’t have to night wean to get great sleep unless you are ready to night wean.

With patience and a commitment of 4 consecutive nights you can get your baby to sleep peacefully.

FIRST STEP: Free 15 minute phone consultation

We start with a 15 minute sleep evaluation phone call to discuss what challenges you are facing with your child’s sleep struggles in more detail. Communication between us is vital, so you are heard and so I get to know you from the very beginning in order to personalize your sleep plan. I will answer any questions you have regarding my sleep training method and packages, and give you the chance to get to know me and determine if we are a good fit.

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