It is such a privilege to work with women in their birth process. That someone will trust me and allow me to be part of such a life-changing and intimate experience is an honor and I'm grateful to the families that have shared this experience with me.

Here are some kind words from some of the women I've worked with.

20-sized One word: Amazing!!!!!!! I honestly don’t know where to start lets just say I’m a mama who had 2 VBACS and I couldn’t of done it without Mel!!!! Of course if you ask her she will say it was all me and I am a strong woman etc etc but honestly I was ready to have my second csection and she changed my mind completely and was by my side every step of the way….. From finding a clinic that listened to what I wanted to schooling me on my rights and my birth plan to coming over at 4 am to giving me the confidence I needed to push out my son (which I thought wouldn’t happen) right when I thought I was about to loose it out of frustration she was right there to tell me “you can do this” and still to this day when I text about a concern or question she is quick to reply and give any knowledge she may have or a link to help !!! Honestly this woman is so gifted in what she does and truly loves what she does. You can see the passion in her eyes when she talks about birth and everytime I talk other moms or soon to be moms about birth she always comes up and I tell them “you need to use my doula Mel, she’s amazing” so yes yes yes yes I recommend Melanie to anyone and everyone she’s amazing !!!!!!! Mel you rock!   Christina L.  

30-sized“I met Mellie in her prenatal yoga class and knew right away I wanted her to be my Doula because I loved her class. She guided me through most of my pregnancy and was very thorough and helpful. I went into labor 2 weeks ahead of my due date and thankfully, with her knowledge and support-and my doctor’s stamina- avoided a C-section. I was also impressed with how thoughtful and caring she was during my postpartum challenges. She is a pro, and will be your best ally in the delivery room!” Zoe  

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-5-28-51-pm“Melanie worked with us as a post-partum doula. From the moment I met her I sensed her incredible energy and knew it was exactly what I would need during the chaos post-birth of our first child. I wasn’t wrong.

My husband and I call Melanie the baby whisperer. What were unsolvable mysteries to us around our daughter’s care (could she STILL be hungry? how do we get her to sleep? why is she fussy?) weren’t even blips on Melanie’s radar. Our daughter definitely responded to her energy (as did my husband and I!) and all three of us were just a little calmer and more normalized when she was around. Melanie taught me to properly use a baby wrap, how to put baby down while keeping one hand on her so she didn’t startle awake, how to side lie breastfeed in bed and how to use my breast pump. These things may sound basic, but as a new mom they were revolutionary.

Every time Melanie started a shift, she’d ask me, “What can I do right now to support you?” I can’t explain how much these words meant to me in those early days when everyone is offering feedback and wanting to know how the baby is, what the baby needs…to have someone simply ask what I needed…it was soul therapy. Thank you, Melanie!”    Anna V.

45-sized“I adore doula Mellie! I started taking her pre natal yoga classes around 20 weeks pregnant and after each class I feel more and more prepared and informed about giving birth. I am now at 38 weeks and have hired her as our birth doula. She has been a phenomenal resource and has gone above and beyond with every question and concern I’ve had so far. She is incredibly nurturing and knowledgeable. She offers an eccentric point of view while also being grounded and practical. I can not wait to give birth and can’t imagine doing it without doula Mellie.”    Candice C.

609f10_b4dcda61977944c1a11562c4cd99fee3“Melanie is an extremely caring and attentive Doula. She was informative and paid special attention to what I wanted my childbirth experience to be. As it goes with childbirth, nothing seemed to go the way we planned, but Melanie was there to help guide me back to the kind of birth experience I wanted. Melanie’s care did not end at the delivery room. After my son was born I had some nursing challenges and Melanie continued to work with both me and my newborn son. I have and continue to recommend Melanie Wachsman to both new and seasoned mothers. She’s the best. Thank you Melanie.”    Madison Gray

“We absolutely adore Melanie!! She checked in with us all the way through my entire pregnancy and into post partum. We gained so much knowledge from speaking with her and receiving literature via email about various birthing topics. Melanie was amazing during my labor. She gently coached my husband on how to coach me which led to a very positive birthing experience. Melanie stayed with me even after i gave birth. She helped us with all of the details of nursing (getting the baby to latch on, keeping the baby awake during feeding, etc.) i can’t say enough good things about Melanie. She is a caring and compassionate doula!!”    Gisa

“Every woman should experience the privilege of having a doula. It was such a blessing to have had Melanie Wachsman as my doula when I was a single, first-time expectant mommy-to-be. She was a very accessible confidant, extremely knowledgeable in terms of natural birth, healthy eating and living, and she helped ease my anxieties and fears about giving birth, which really allowed me to embrace motherhood in a totally different light. Mel is an awesome doula and I absolutely recommend her to any pregnant woman who wants to be ushered into motherhood with the utmost TLC!”    Jameela
“I cannot say enough good things about Melanie! She is an amazing instructor and I am SO thankful to have found her class while I was pregnant. She cares deeply for her students and is great source of information. She is more than just a yoga instructor-she is highly knowledgeable in many areas of pregnancy and childbirth and is a great educator. Her class helped to rid my body of minor aches and pains I had while I was pregnant but most importantly her class helped to prepare me mentally for childbirth. I had an amazing natural birth and I attribute part of my ability to birth naturally to her and her class. I used a lot of the breathing techniques and advice we learned in class to get me through labor. The yoga exercises (especially squats) definitely helped to prepare me physically as well. She also proved to be a great resource after my son was born and I was struggling with breast feeding. I can honestly say I am still breastfeeding (7 months later) thanks to her positivity and great advice. Overall, Melanie’s class provides a great opportunity for all mamas to come together and be a part of a supportive community environment. My only regret is not taking her breastfeeding class and having her as my doula! Thanks Melanie!”   Patricia R.

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